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On YouTube you can find almost every song, so what better way than making a complete media player out of it? Today we will cover two different apps – Muziic and Muziic is a desktop app that allows users to play YouTube music while TubeRadio is a web app. Both have the capability to create custom playlists.


Create a media player to play local files, add YouTube, add Radio, a few other features and you get Muziic. Basically most of it is based around YouTube itself. You just need to search for an artist or song and the results will be displayed instantly. Note that apart from the results it also shows the channel.

On the right side you will find the video preview of the music you are playing while below it is an option to organize playlist. To add a song to your playlist, simply hit the ‘+’ button in the search result. Once you have added the songs to the playlist, click Save to save it permanently.

Download Muziic

TubeRadio is an alternative for those users who prefer an online service rather than a desktop app. The benefit of web service is that your playlist and the favorite music collection can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

It has a very clean interface and looks pretty much like iTunes and Spotify. Just search for an artist and you will be shown the albums(album art taken from, search for a song and you will be shown a huge result list. YouTube Media Player


The saved playlists are displayed under My Playlist on the left sidebar. You can also make a public playlist and share it with the world. An option to shuffle and repeat songs are given just above the volume slider.

Both tools are useful in their own right, you can give them a shot to decide which one suits you best. For more, also give Songr a try, it is a tool to search, play, and download mp3 songs. Enjoy!

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