What You Can Do Now to Get a Promotion Soon

Gunning for a promotion, are you? With the year a little more than half over, there’s still time to snag one before the end of it. In fact, instead of going about business as usual, waiting for your company’s performance reviews to roll around, you can set yourself up well now—today, tomorrow, and the next day—if you really want to get ahead.

These 12 career coaches weigh in on this topic. If you follow their sound advice, and take those baby steps today, you may just get a promotion before you ring in the new year.

1. Address it Head-on

Have a clear timeline in mind. Then demonstrate your achievements to date in your current role, being as specific as possible, and backing it up with data: Metrics are everything to a manager evaluating your impact.

Go in with status updates on projects you’re overseeing, and then ask what it’ll take to get promoted before the end of the year. Your boss will (hopefully) take this opportunity to consider how to help you advance your career at the company, and the two of you can put a plan in place.

Yuri Kruman

2. Step Up While Your Boss Is Out

This advice relies on the assumption that your manager takes a vacation at some point, and when he or she does, this is when you take advantage of the absence to take on greater responsibility and gain respect that’ll ultimately prove you’re ready to handle more on a regular basis.

Go beyond what’s asked of you while your manager’s out, and it’ll quickly be apparent that you’re a leader too.

Avery Blank

3. Up Your Wardrobe Game

There’s a reason why you wake up earlier and pay special attention to the intricate details of your attire on the day of an interview. From making sure your clothing’s wrinkle-free to ensuring that your shoes aren’t scuffed and your jeans aren’t ripped, you put your best foot forward in this first impression situation.

But it’s important to also maintain this professional image while you’re gainfully employed, especially if you want to move up. While focusing on clothes might seem trivial or superficial, style and aesthetics can boost your overall confidence, increase your comfort level, and lend you a positive can-do attitude that’s sure to impress those around you.

Emily Liou

4. Check Your Ego at the Door

How’s your mindset, really?

The best managers are able to increase their skills and capabilities by seeing difficulty and failure as part of the process. If you can tame your own ego and place your need for constant recognition aside, you’ll likely find that you’re more patient, enabling you to show lower-level team members the ropes. What this does is send a message to the higher-ups that you’re a manager-in-self-training—and ready for more supervisory tasks.

Andrea Gerson

5. Maintain a To-Done List

The point is to keep track of your accomplishments now, so you can make a strong case later. Instead of a to-do list, you want a to-done list.

Every time you finish a meaningful task, add it to a simple, bulleted list. On Fridays, take two minutes to look back and figure out which ones really made a difference in your work and toward the organization’s mission. Bold those and add them to a key accomplishments section at the bottom of the list.

At the end of each month, you’ll be able to look back at four weeks of key accomplishments and see what you did to move the needle to help make your case for promotion.

Alexandra Dickinson