What if Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Led You to Your Dream Job?

Meet Mary. She’s an artist we met in Bryant Park in New York City—a place she told us she’s always wanted to experience living.

Six months ago, Mary mustered up the courage to take a huge leap out of her comfort zone when she moved from Italy to the Big Apple to study dance education at Broadway Dance Center. “This was a very big move,” she says, “learning English is very difficult for me, but it’s a great experience.”

Dancing is, and always has been, her number one passion in life. When we asked her what she loves most about being able to share her gift with others, a huge smile came across her face: “When you dance, what you’re feeling is very personal. It’s just for you. But when you teach, you have a responsibility to pass your energy on to the others. When your students connect with you, it’s amazing because they give you that good energy right back.”

The coolest part? We could genuinely feel Mary’s love and enthusiasm for what she does as she shared her story with us.

Before running off to her afternoon dance class, she left us with some career advice that made us smile, too: “It’s not always about the money. It’s more for your heart. What’s important is what you can give people, and what people can give back to you. It’s about making a difference. For me, receiving a ‘thank you’ is like receiving a thousand dollars.”

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