Wallpaper Master Switches Between Wallpapers By User-Defined Rating

In the past, we have covered some great Windows 7 Themes, and applications like Mourao Wallpaper Changer,  SyncWall and Kuvva that automatically change desktop wallpaper after a specified time. Wallpaper Master is another powerful and highly customizable desktop wallpaper manager that allows you to cycle through specified desktop wallpapers. Apart from changing wallpapers after defined time interval, you can set various wallpaper-related settings in order to customize the wallpaper changing process. For instance, you can set the default position of wallpaper, change wallpaper order in the list, set wallpaper ratings and more. Keep reading to find out more about Wallpaper Master.

The main interface of Wallpaper Master has wallpaper list in the left sidebar, while wallpaper directory and category management options are present in center pane. To add your favorite wallpapers to the list, just drag the image files over the main interface. Once added, you can set position, color, order, and time interval to switch between wallpapers in the list from right-side bar.

The wallpaper settings in right sidebar allow you to specify Position, Color, Monitor, Time Interval and Wallpaper Order related settings. The Interval tab lets you set time interval to automatically jump to next wallpaper in the list. Here, you can choose to use either fixed time interval or wallpaper ratings to switch between the wallpapers.

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Under Position tab, you can set the position of the wallpaper; it lets you select Center, Stretch, resize to tile, and enable Auto-Sizing feature. The Auto-Sizing feature helps you automatically resize the wallpaper according to the specified size of the screen. If you want to continuously monitor a directory for new wallpapers, switch to Monitor tab and specify the source path of directory. Once done, it will automatically find the new wallpapers and add them to the list.


Click the Further Options button to configure the Startup, Timer Behavior, Global Hotkeys, Multiusers, Task Priority and Miscellaneous settings. If you want to switch between the wallpaper using the hotkey combination, click Setup Keys option and then specify the hotkey for changing the wallpaper.


The free version can handle multiple wallpaper collection folders, but supports only 5000 images per category. However, to remove this limitation and add more desktop wallaper-related features, such as image watermarking, border effect, image alignment etc., you need to buy the professional version, which costs $ 20. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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