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Have you ever wanted to preserve your favorite memories via simple voice recordings? That’s exactly this new Android app called Memotion is all about. Still in early beta and available for free at the Play Store, it is a wonderful, easy to use app that offers its users the ability to quickly save their best memories in a voice diary. And going one step beyond merely offering voice recording capabilities, it uses Beyond Verbal Communications’ analytics engine to analyze the emotional content of each recording you make, letting you embed these emotions in the recording form. Furthermore, its ‘quick analysis’ option can detect the true emotions in anyone’s voice, presenting you with an emotion analysis afterwards.

When you run the app for the first time, it asks you for your date of birth, name, gender and the temperature unit you wish to use. Having specified these details, you’re taken to the app’s main screen. From here, you can navigate to Record, Transcribe (speech-to-text; non-functional in the current beta release), Memories, Quick Analysis, Today, and the Settings screen. Each memory you store is moved to the Memories screen, where each entry can be found labeled for its recording date.


You can embed your emotions in to your voice diaries by recording your voice via the built-in recorder. Memotion enables you to tag friends in your diaries as well. In addition, you can also add images and web links to your diary entries if you wish. Standard tags such as weather, horoscope and new headlines are also added to the the memories.

The Emotion Analysis feature, on the other hand, lets you record an audio clip of 20-seconds or more, which is then automatically uploaded to the Analytics Power engine of Beyond Verbal Communications. Once done, your full emotion analysis report is sent to you, telling you info like your mood groups, temper value, composure meter, temper meter etc. It’s up to you how you make use of this information. While not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, the results can be quite revealing at times.

Memotion_Record Memotion_Analyze

Previously recorded journal entries can be accessed from the Memories section. You can listen to your voice memos anytime you wish by tapping your desired item from the list. The Today screen I mentioned earlier displays general information regarding the current day including your location, weather conditions, and so on.

Memotion_Today Memotion_Memories Memotion_Play

Memotion is still in its early BETA stage, so expect some bugs here and there. It’s available for free at the Google Play Store, and you can download it to your device via the link below.

Install Memotion from Play Store

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