Vine Gets Channels, New Camera Tools, Revining & Widget On Android

Just last week, Vine for iOS received a massive update, bringing with it channels and the ability to revine a Vine (just like you would retweet a tweet). The Android app did not receive an update at the time and many Android users were left waiting (and hoping) for the features. That wait is now over; Vine for Android has received a massive update, even bigger than the iOS one. This update brings three tools for videos: a focus tool to keep the video steady, a grid tool to keep things straight, and a ghost tool that silences all sounds that may otherwise be recorded in the Vine. Vines can be revined, and you now have the option to mute all vines that are being played in any feed stream. Lastly, Vine now has a widget that allows you to quickly launch the camera from your home screen instead of having to do so from the app.

When you first launch Vine after updating it, it will offer you to add the widget to your home screen.

 vine widget

Open the camera and you will see three new buttons next to the camera toggle button (the one that lets you switch between the front facing camera and the back camera). The focus button lets you tap and hold any place on the screen and locks in on it to prevent blurred or shaky videos. The grid button overlays a grid on the recording window, whereas the ghost button mutes all sounds coming in from your device so that you have a silent video. Under all vines, you will notice the revine button next to the like and comment buttons, and it will lets you revine a vine, which is the equivalent of a retweet.

vine grid vine revine

The newly added channels, which are 15 in number, allow you to browse vines in a particular channel as well as upload a vine you’ve made to a channel. To add a vine to a channel, select it from the same screen you add a caption from. Tapping ‘Add to a channel’ brings up the list of channels.

vine add channel vine channel

To mute all vines that are played, open the menu and select the newly added ‘Mute’ option. This allows you to keep the volume of your device on and set to however high you want it, but allows vines to be muted. Since you can’t add music separately to a Vine, many vines have background noise that is not relevant to the vine itself. You will be able to mute that noise now though, thanks to the addition of the ghost tool that mutes your mic in vines to keep them silent.

vine mute

If we were to say that this update has evened the field out in terms of features between the Android and iOS apps, it would be wrong; the Android app has taken a lead instead, and now iOS users will eagerly await the addition of the ghost button.

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