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There are a lot of Twitter clients on iOS, and as they all perform essentially the same task, the only room for innovation is left regarding the app’s interface and its way of presenting your timeline. That’s exactly what Thirst for Twitter focuses on, bringing a whole new way of looking at your Twitter timeline. The app infers your interests from your timeline, and presents a graphical feed on its homepage, much akin to a newspaper. There are several of these personalized newspapers on Thirst’s main page, and you can even view a feed related to a topic of your choice by simply searching for that particular keyword. The overall interface of this iPad-only app is pretty sleek, and you can learn all about Thirst for Twitter by heading past the break.

 Thirst for Twitter Feed

Thirst works in both portrait and landscape modes, and to get started, you just have to sign in with your Twitter account. As soon as you have done that, the app will analyze your timeline and find out the topics that have been discussed in the tweets there. These topics are then listed in the Newspaper section of the app. The profile pictures of the people who have tweeted about them will be displayed below each topic’s thumbnail. Inside each newspaper, users can read news items related to the keyword, and also view the Media or Related Topics. The sidebar of the newsfeed displays the relevant public tweets from other Twitter users.

Thirst for Twitter Timeline Thirst for Twitter Links

In case you want to view your Twitter updates the conventional way, there is the Timeline menu for that. The best thing about Thirst is the fact that you can view the content associated with any link without ever having to leave the app and go to Safari. The app displays everything in its own browser, complete with options for sharing and copying stuff.

Thirst for Twitter Followers Thirst for Twitter Tweet

The tweeting window of the app is quite good-looking (although it could have been better), and the Search area is nice, too. Like most good Twitter clients, Thirst has a separate area for checking out the latest trends on Twitter, which are displayed as a news feed and not just as a list of keywords. You can view these feeds just like the ordinary interest-based newspapers in the app.

Thirst for Twitter is an iPad-specific app, and you can use it without having to lose any of the features offered by the official Twitter client for iOS. The app can be grabbed for free at the link below.

Download Thirst for Twitter

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