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Normally, whenever you want to take a better look at a particular image or link on Reddit, you have to open it in a new tab, and then switch tabs in order to return to the main page, which is neither convenient nor efficient. Seeit!, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem by providing you with preview capabilities for Reddit. The extension adds a button to the URL bar for all Reddit pages, and allows you to view images and read articles in a scrollable, resizable pop-up window by hovering over their links. Not only does it let you access content on the same page, but also lets you minimize interesting images/articles to the bottom of the website, so you can return to them at a later time.

After installing the extension, simply hover your mouse over a link and wait for a few seconds for the content to load. The image/article will then be displayed in a pop-up window right next to the link. You can even view content in full-screen, or resize the window according to your needs. Additionally, you may minimize multiple windows to the bottom of the screen, so you can get back to them at a later time.

This nifty little tool retrieves articles in a scrollable pop-up window, which are displayed using Instapaper. With it, you will be able to read full-length articles without opening them in new tabs or windows.

articles preview

SeeIt! lets you open previews to links after a set amount of time, which can be changed from Options. You can also change the color of the previewed links and use Instapaper to open webpages. Moreover, you can either minimize or close existing previews when you preview a new link.

select options

SeeIt! works perfectly and completely changes the way you browse Reddit. If you’re an avid Redditor, do give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Install SeeIt! For Google Chrome

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