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Not stylish but certainly usable to a good degree; these words just about sum up FreeVimager. FreeVimager is a 3-in-1 application that can display, edit and convert images, videos and audio files. It’s basically a viewer and editor geared towards camera related applications. It supports BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF (both still and animated), TIFF, PCX and EMF image extensions; for audio it supports AIF, WAV, MP3, WMA, AU, MID and CDA file extensions, and AVI files for video as well as ZIP files for archiving.

What I found most appealing was it’s capability of displaying animated GIF files without any problems since most other image viewers and editors always have difficulty in this area. They either do not support animated GIFs, or if they do, the file is displayed with slower progress and bugs in regards to looping. FreeVimager has no problems whatsoever in these regards and seamlessly plays the animated file without breaking at the loop point.

For image viewing, it can directly open an image file or a folder with image files in it (in the latter case, it opens the first picture in the folder). Once opened, users can go through all the images in the current image’s folder by pressing the left and right keys both onscreen and on the keyboard. Its image editing capabilities include: Rotating, Flipping, Cropping (both lossy and lossless for JPG files), Grayscaling, Inverting Colors, Adjustment of Brightness and Contrast, Red Eye Removal, as well as Softening and Sharpening of the images and the capability of creating both soft and hard borders of any color around the picture.

FreeVimager - Editing Option

It also supports image conversion to other file extensions along with compilation into TIFF, ZIP and PDF files. It can create slideshows and can even display as well as edit EXIF data on the images. While it does not provide editing tools like paint brush, users can create collages using the copy/paste features, as well as optimize images for sending over e-mail.

Batch Conversion, Rename and Slideshow

It cannot edit audio files but it can play and convert them to other supported formats, as well as add them to slideshows.

It can display videos, fix the audio video synchronization, change its bitrate and resize the borders of the video, and finally, save the edited video file. Unfortunately, it only supports video files with AVI extensions. The supported codecs are Integrated MPEG4 (DivX), MJPEG, Theora, Vorbis and ADPCM.

What really makes this application different from others are the user friendly tutorials that come with it. These easy to use and understand, visually stimulating tutorials easily explain how you can use the program to achieve your desired target.

FreeVimager Tutorial 2

You can set and revert file association for the program using the global settings option in the File menu. Selecting the desired file extensions will set FreeVimager as their default program and deselecting the ones you don’t want associated will revert them back to their original programs. The Global Settings dialogue also holds other options that may be of interest to advanced users.

Global Settings

And best of all, FreeVimager works for all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 8. All in all, despite the lack of style, FreeVimager holds its own against other Image Viewers and Editors with sheer capability alone. If you’re looking for a freeware picture editor then this is a must.

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