Video-Focused Alternative To Regular YouTube Streaming

VidzBigger, a Chrome extension, automatically scales YouTube videos to the largest possible size, and lets you read comments and scroll through Suggestions without losing focus from the video. With it, you can get a two or three column layout, change video quality, disable auto play, video ads and confirmations. In addition to that, you can set the number of comments to be shown, and enable HQ/HD videos upon loading. Once the extension is installed, everything on the page is rearranged and the video is aligned to the right side, so you can scroll the page to view suggested videos or comments while you watch the video. Preferences are divided into multiple categories, such as Instant Layout, Qualities, VidzLoops etc. Each category consists of multiple features and options that can be enabled or disabled, according to your preference. More after the jump.

After you’ve installed the extension, videos from websites like YouTube will automatically load to the largest possible size. When you scroll up on a video, a panel on the right will slide open showing all comments  and related videos. You will be able to use the scroll wheel to switch between different modes. For instance, you can either watch the video in full-screen in a video-only layout, or you can watch the video and read comments at the same time.

As you scroll down, you will also be able to view all videos in the Suggestions category. Scrolling down the comments or suggested videos has no effect on the video, as it has a fixed position. Comments will open in their respective part of the panel but you will still have to use the numbered buttons at the end to view more of them. The extension does not allow you to view all comments on a single page.


Clicking the button in the toolbar lets you access loads of features in the Preferences menu, which you can toggle. The options are divided into different categories, which are Instant Layout, Display, Unsupported Qualities, VidzLoops and Privacy. The Instant layout lets you enable options like Auto Scroll Past Header (bigger video on load) and Snap fullscreen at scroll max. The Display category allows you to enable Keep video on Screen, Prevent Video Autoplay, Enable on User Channel Pages and many other options, whereas the Unsupported category lets you Disable Annotations and other similar options. Additionally, you can disable in-video ads, select different video qualities and enable the Allow Share view statistics option.


VidzBigger can be used to completely customize YouTube according to your needs. All the YouTube addicts out there will definitely love this extension.

Install VidzBigger For Google Chrome

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