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The fact that Microsoft hasn’t given Windows Phone’s voice control feature a proper name in WP8 (it used to be TellMe until Mango) might have contributed towards it remaining a bit underrated. The fact remains though that WP8 supports some decent voice commands, letting you launch apps, perform searches, and even control some internal aspects of a few apps (like creating reminders). Having said that, some recent releases in the WP Store have demonstrated that there is even more to voice controls in WP8 than you might imagine. We all know that Windows Phone’s integration with HERE Maps, and Nokia Drive makes it a good platform of choice for people who rely on their smartphones for driving or walking directions. With the newly released Go To app, the WP8 navigation experience might just feel complete. The app lets you use WP8’s native voice commands to get driving, walking or public transit directions for any place you want.

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It does take a few steps to add recognition for a place in the voice commands menu, but if you visit the place often, the effort is completely worthwhile. To get started, search for the place you want to add using the looking-glass icon located in the bottom bar of Go To. You can use both Google Places and Nokia Maps to perform this search. To change your current map source, head to the options list of the app and tap the ‘switch map’ button.

Once you have found the location, and it is highlighted on the map with a black label, tap its icon once. From the resulting ‘about’ menu, choose ‘save’. In the ‘Name to listen for’ field, you can define a short name for the location that is easy to speak, while the real address is kept in the box below it.

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Now you can use WP8’s voice controls to say things like “Go to London Bridge”. If you want to view the directions in Nokia Drive, say “Drive to” followed by the short name you configured for the location. The third capability Go To adds to your device is displaying directions via Nokia Transit upon a spoken command (say something like “Go to [Location] by transit”).

Apart from this primary purpose, Go To is also useful if you want to quickly jump to a location’s Drive and Transit pages from one menu. The app doesn’t cost anything, and works only with Windows Phone 8 devices. Give it a go by installing it from the following link.

Download Go To For Windows Phone

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