Use Gestures To Share Current Song Or Video Title From iPhone With I’m Listening

Many Cydia tweaks and widgets that deal with music playback offer scrobbling options almost as an afterthought. The previously covered Now Playing for NC had sharing options, but focused mainly on letting users control songs in an efficient manner. It’s a similar story for NCMusicGestures. The new I’m Listening, however, focuses on scrobbling only. Having said that, you won’t feel that the tweak lacks feature, as it has everything you are ever likely to need in order to share your musical taste with the world through social media. Not only will you find a bunch of social networks in the tweak’s sharing menu, there is also the possibility of defining custom messages for each destination. Another great thing about I’m Listening that is rarely present in other apps or tweaks of this kind is its compatibility with the stock Videos app. To make things absolutely perfect, there are multiple ways of invoking the tweak’s sharing menu, and some of them are gesture-based as well.

 I'm Listening iOS Config

The I’m Listening sharing menu is capable of housing the following options.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Weibo
  • Mail
  • Message
  • Copy

We mentioned ‘capable of housing’ because it is possible to toggle any of these options off, if you don’t want them appearing every time the I’m Listening menu is invoked.

There are three activation methods offered by the tweak that can be used to bring up the I’m Listening menu. From the lock screen, the scrobble menu can be invoked by long-pressing the pause/play button. From the music controls in the App Switcher tray, long-press the media app’s icon to get the menu. Finally, any universal Activator gesture can be defined if you want to be able to scrobble your media from anywhere in iOS.

I'm Listening iOS Share I'm Listening iOS Scrobble

The tweets or updates sent via I’m Listening are capable of including the track’s album art in addition to text details. From the tweak’s menu, it is possible to toggle this feature or change the default dimensions of the attachment. For the text part, you can define separate templates for each network or destination. The parameters for these templates are explained in the I’m Listening ‘Custom Text Guide’. If some of the songs in your music library don’t have artist or album information defined for them, you can simply tinker with the ‘Unknown’ field in I’m Listening options to ensure that the shared text looks neat and tidy.

I’m Listening costs a meager $0.99, and can be found in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The tweak only works with devices running iOS 6 or higher.

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