TweetShrink For iOS Auto-Shortens Lengthier Tweets To The 140 Limit

One can certainly understand Twitter’s reasoning behind limiting tweets to 140 characters, but there are times when you just have to say something that refuses to fit inside anything less than 150 or 160 characters. If you are on Android, there are a plethora of apps capable of letting users post tweets that are longer than 140 characters. Owners of the iPhone can enjoy some workarounds to the issue as well, with apps like the previously covered TweetAmplius. If you think about the whole issue though, there is another way of looking at it as well. Rather than bypassing the limit, what if there was some way of somehow bringing your tweet within 140 characters without losing any of its meaning? This is the approach adopted by TweetShrink for iPhone. The app uses an intelligent algorithm to reduce the word count of tweets before they are posted to your account.

 TweetShrink iOS Output

TweetShrink is so simple that it is actually looks more like a Cydia release than a proper app, but this is just another plus it enjoys. You don’t have to spend any time in trying to learn the usage of TweetShrink. The app’s main screen has a text area near the top of the screen, with a big button below it. The keyboard pops up automatically when TweetShrink is launched, so you just have to begin typing straight away.

The app supports copy/paste, enabling people to use lengthy snippets of text from other sources. Even if the text does not exceed the 140 character limit in its original form, TweetShrink stills shaves off all the extra letters from it. Once you hit the TweetShrink button, iOS’ default tweet composition box shows up, with the shortened version of the entered text written in it.

There are various elements taken into account by TweetShrink while creating a shorter version of tweets. If any word can be replaced by a number that sounds the same, (like changing ate to 8) the app changes it. At times, words are altered to their shorthand forms, but in all cases, TweetShrink takes care to retain as much of the tweet’s sanity as possible.

We are aware that TweetShrink is not the kind of app that everyone can use, but if you aren’t a Grammar Nazi (and aren’t followed by people who are), the app can come in handy every once in a while. It can’t hurt keeping TweetShrink installed on your iPhone, since the app is free.

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