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Most photo editors out there come with basic editing options and different kinds of filters, but PsykoPaint, a free web app, does something totally different. You can change photos into amazing and creative paintings by using stylish brushes. All functionalities can be accessed, except the layer functionality, which only becomes available after registration. However, you can log in with your Facebook account to save images, share them online or create e-cards. Just upload a photo and start painting on top of it. The web app supports multiple types of brushes and styles that you can choose from, and also lets you save paintings on your computer for later use.

PsykoPaint has three basic modes, Good Old painting, Paint A Photo and Try A Sample. You can upload a photo from your system. Once uploaded, change the dimensions of the photo by using the slider and click Paint to start painting your photo.

Different types of brushes are available, which can be accessed from the bottom left corner. You’ll notice that some brushes are named after famous artists, such as Van Gogh and Degas. There many other creative brush styles as well, including Butterflies, Ribbons, Fireworks etc. In addition to that, when you mouse over a a brush type, you will be able to preview its effect in a tiny box, and you can also change the size and opacity of each brush with sliders.

brushtypes (2)

A click on Details option in the brushes menu launches preferences to change a brush’s shape. A total of ten different customization options are available.


Use the Color options to adjust the Colorfulness, Color, Brightness and Contrast. Furthermore, you can also choose a Color tint. Zooming in and out is done with the scroll wheel or slider displayed at the bottom of the page. You may undo and redo any changes as well.


Once you’re done, click File. Here you will find Export Image, Share Online, Create a Card, Save Project and New Project. Exporting the picture has three options, Thumbnail, Full-size & Watermark, out of which Full-size is paid.


It also allows you to send an e-card to your friends and family by simply adding an email address and a name. Card styles can also be modified.


PsykoPaint is one creative web app that lets you change your photos into gorgeous paintings, all in a fun and easy way. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

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