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There are two types of photo editors available for iOS devices; those that focus on convenience of use, and those that go for comprehensiveness. It is up to the users to decide if they want more, customizable filters, or an easy way of applying those filters to their photos. However, there are a few apps that provide a perfect combination of efficiency and thoroughness. PowerSketch is one such photo editor. Despite the app’s name, which implies that it does nothing more than converting photos into sketches, there are some really good filters and effects available in the app. Not just that, you can also use the app to create collages out of existing photos, as well as the ones shot using it.

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PowerSketch starts off with a few basic tips, highlighting the app’s features and usage. There aren’t a lot of buttons, and thus, it is fairly easy to use. The app doubles as a stock camera replacement, as well as a photo editor. By default, the camera mode is on, and it is possible to apply the available effects in real-time, even before you capture an image. To do so, just hit the Effects button from the bottom bar, and the scene in the preview window will be transformed instantaneously. If you are not sure which effect should be used in a particular scenario, just choose the Random option, and PowerSketch will do all the thinking for you.

The best thing about PowerSketch is the fact that you can use all the photo filters for videos as well, and the front-facing camera support makes everything just about perfect. Once you are done shooting a photo or video, you can do even more stuff using the app by heading to the gallery. In there, you will find options to create collages out of photos, and it is also possible to import images from the camera roll and edit them within the app. The Collage menu in PowerSketch supports the choice of grid, and also comes with some pretty good frames that can be applied to the collages you are creating. The sharing options offered by PowerSketch are decent as well, with integration of YouTube, Flickr and various social networks available.

PowerSketch is a nice app, and it is available as a free download for a limited time. The app is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch’s smaller screens only, although you can use it with the iPad as well.

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