Travel Expert Pro For WP7 Assists You In Planning Your Trips Abroad

You have been saving up to go to some exotic location for your annual, two week vacation, but you are so busy with last minute details that you do not have the time to check the currency rates of your destination, make hotel reservations and note down the Flight number. Travel Expert Pro does all that for you on your  Windows Phone 7. You can search the details of any country, its ongoing currency rate, the latest news relevant to it, and map down a reminder about the route and flight that you have to take. You can also write additional notes or details related to the route you have to take for travelling to your destination.

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Travel Expert pro has a very simple user interface. After you Select a country from the list  by tapping at any random country’s name you can Get Details  as well as News about that country by tapping on any of these two options. Travel Expert Pro shows you a country’s Capital, Currency, Main Languages and Major Religion when you tap Get Details.

travel expert pro  forex calculator. travel expert pro itenary manager

In Forex Calculator, as the name implies, you just have to choose  your local currency, against your destinations currency to view the conversion rate.

The Itenary Manager is the jewel in the crown of the app. It lets you Add every little detail of your trip within this section, including PNR  Number of your flight/train, your Train/Flight Number and Train/Flight Name, your Departure Time and Arrival Time, and any Notes relevant to your travel route, like some last minute shopping that you might want to do for your vacation or gifts for friends and family etc. You can tap Edit  in case you want to make any changes to your route, or tap Remove if you have dropped a travel plan altogether. Select any travel route, and tap Display to get its complete details.

The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Link to its Web Marketplace page is provided below.

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