Translate Quickly Upto 45 Languages With Inapp Translator [Android]

Translation apps are a dime a dozen, and prove useful when travelling and quite essential in certain situations when you need to quickly and accurately translate something, making them an indispensable accessory on smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, the Google Play Store has way too many translator apps for all and sundry, ranging from Google’s own Google Translator to the recently covered Floating Translator, and many others. For years, I’ve used Google Translate as my main app to get a grip on other languages I don’t natively speak. But Google Translator can be pretty taxing to access whenever you need to translate something fast. If you want your translation companion with you all the time, then Inapp Translator is a new kid on the block that aims to help. The app puts a floating button on the screen tapping on which lets you easily translate text.

The occasional ad supported free app lets you translate any text between up to 45 languages in total. Most apps let you start with typing text in an input field, but this one pulls data directly from the clipboard and processes it into another language within a couple of seconds. The translation by default is to English, but you can easily switch languages on the fly. The floating window it places on the screen can be dragged around and lets you change languages. Another interesting bit is that it automatically detects the input text for you.

Th3 working of Inapp Translator is dead simple. When launched, you first need to tap the T icon on home screen to activate it. Doing so enables a floating icon which can be moved around whenever you want.

 Inapp Translator_How to

The T icon doesn’t take much screen real estate thanks to its small size. When you tap on the icon, it opens a floating window where you can switch languages if you want. To translate the text, all you need to do is copy the snippet to the clipboard, and then tap the floating Inapp Translator button. The app then processes this information and presents the output in the floating window. In case you need to change the output language, simply tap the right tab, highlight your desired language and hit the T button again.

Inapp Translator_Home screen Inapp Translator_App

Probably the only shortcoming is that Inapp Translator can only pull data from clipboard making it not an ideal solution when an app doesn’t enable you to copy text. But other than that it’s a good translation tool.

Install Inapp Translator from Play Store

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