Transform Windows 7 Into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean With This Skin Pack

Changing the look of your computer after some time allows you to keep the appearance fresh and not get bored by looking at the same screen again and again. Changing the wallpaper of your desktop is one way to keep the interface fresh and new. Previously we have covered a lot of applications that automatically change the wallpaper after the specified time interval. Even the default Windows Desktop Background feature lets you change the background image after a fixed interval. However, if you are not satisfied by just the wallpaper change, you can go one step further and transform all the elements of your operating system by applying a skin pack. Transformation packs allow you to change the complete look of your computer. For instance, if you want to change the look of your operating system to that of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, you can follow the guide by Zayed that allows you transform Windows 7 and Windows 8 into Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Recently, Android released the latest version of its mobile and tablet OS, the Jelly Bean, and if you want the look (and feel) of Android Jelly Bean on your Windows 7 desktop, try the Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack for Windows.

The main advantage of a Skin Pack over a Background Changer, is that the skin pack changes the complete look of your operating system. From the taskbar to the file and folder icons, everything is transformed into something new and different from what you used to have. You can install a different skin pack after sometime to keep the look fresh.

During installation, make sure that you uncheck the installation of Babylon toolbar to avoid getting unwanted software in your computer.

Installation is very easy, and a wizard guides you through the complete process. Check to install the UXTheme Patch, Files and Extras to install everything that comes with the skin pack.

jelly bean 2

The application changes your Boot screen from the default Windows one to an Android boot screen.

boot screen

The background of the Login screen is also changed to complete the look of the Android Jelly Bean operating system.

login screen

The transformation pack comes with built-in Android style gadgets for Analog Clock widget, Digital Clock and Weather, Weather Forecast, Volume changer, Google search bar and shortcuts for accessing different folders, such as Document, Music, Recycle Bin etc. Other elements, such as file, folder and drive icons, the taskbar etc are also completely revamped.

jelly bean skin

The Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Download Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack

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