Top 20 Firefox 3 Compatible Themes

If you were using a customized theme on your Firefox 2 and have just upgraded over to Firefox 3, you might not want to settle with the default Firefox theme your peers have on their desktop. Firefox 3 may be new, but theme designers already have their muscles all flexed up. Here’s 20 Firefox 3 compatible themes to make your browser a little bit different from the rest. Full list after jump.

Office 2007 Black

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Download [ Office 2007 Black]


ipox thumb Top 20 Firefox 3 Compatible ThemesView in gallery

Download [ iPox ]


flookView in gallery

Download [ Flook ]

Vista Aero

vista aeroView in gallery

download [ Vista Aero ]

MacOSX Theme

macosxView in gallery

Download [ MacOSX theme ]


kampeltonView in gallery

download [ kampelton ]

iFox Graphite

ifoxView in gallery

Download [ iFox Graphite ]

Gradient iCool

icoolView in gallery

Download [ Gradient iCool ]


camifoxView in gallery

Download [ camifox ]

Firefox 2 Theme

FF2View in gallery

Download [ Firefox 2 theme ]

FT SleekDark

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Download [ FT SleekDark ]

Aero Fox Silver

aero fox silverView in gallery

Download [ Aero Fox Silver ]

BlackX 2

blackx 2View in gallery

Download [ BlackX 2 ]


SKYView in gallery

Download [ SKY ]

NASA Night Launch

NASAView in gallery

Download [ Nasa Night Launch ]


myfirefoxView in gallery

Download [ My FireFox ]

Qute 3.3

quteView in gallery

Download [ Qute 3.3 ]

Blue Ice 2.1

blue iceView in gallery

Download [ Blue Ice ]

Pitch Dark

blackView in gallery

Download [ Pitch Dark ]


silvermelView in gallery

Download [ Silvermel ]

UPDATE: We listen to our readers, Canes points out that we have missed a very good theme called Noia 2.0 extreme, therefore we have added it to this list too 🙂

Noia 2.0 (Extreme)

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Download [Noia 2.0 Extreme]

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