The Free iPhone Feature You Need to Enable Tonight (if You Like Getting Sleep)

Here’s exciting news: If you’re an iPhone user and you’ve got at least iOS 9.3, then you have access to a free feature that’ll help you sleep better. It’s called Night Shift mode and after using it for several months now, I’m a big believer in its powers.

As you’ve likely heard before, most displays are set up to emit a light that’s fairly blue and is often described as outdoor daylight at noon. Noon’s a great time of day, but also a really hard time of day to fall asleep. So, it’s not surprising that this light’s been found to affect the levels of melatonin.

Similar to Flux on desktop, Night Shift adjusts the colors of your iPhone’s display after dark, making the blue tones in the light warmer. That way, peeking at your phone right before bed won’t have as much of an impact on your ability to fall asleep (though not looking at your phone at all is what will have the biggest impact!).

So how do you turn it on? First, it’s worth choosing your preferred settings. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift:

Here, you can toggle on “Scheduled” to automatically have Night Shift apply to your display each night, and choose the schedule. Sunset to sunrise is a great choice if you’re based somewhere with a lot of seasonal changes in daylight hours. You can also choose how warm you want your light to go (I’m an all the way warm sort of gal).

Once you’ve chosen your settings, you can check if Night Shift mode’s on by scrolling up to see the Control Center. There, you can can also toggle the warmer screen on or off manually

It’s a small change, but as someone who looks at their phone in the evening more than I’d like to admit, I’m glad to have a way to combat the blue light.

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