Sync Music Playlist To HTC Droid, Incredible, Desire, EVO 4G & More Android Phones

With so many Android Phones sold recently, it is surprising that there is no easy guide to sync music with them. In this guide we will be using Media Monkey to sync music playlist with HTC Desire (because I don’t own any other Android phone at the moment). This method can however be used for HTC Incredible, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Hero, HTC Wildfire, HTC Legend, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus One, and almost every other Android-based phones.

For most users doubleTwist is a nice option, it has been called the iTunes for Android, but they require users to register and is quite slow in response time. MediaMonkey is widely accepted music player and has native support for Android handsets.

Android connects with your computer under various connection types: Charge only, HTC Sync (will only be found in HTC phones), Disk Drive, and Internet Sharing. You have to connect your phone as a disk drive. The options can be found under Settings > Connect To PC > Default Connection Type.

You should also be aware that adding music to your phone doesn’t actually require a 3rd party tool. All you need to do is copy the music and paste it in the root of your SD card. That’s it. You can then disconnect and access that music from the Music app in your phone.

Most users want to create and sync multiple playlists, for which we will be using MediaMonkey. The good news is that it saves the playlist in m3u format and has an option to directly sync with your device. By syncing, it creates a a new folder called “Playlists” (in the root) with the playlist file inside it and the music files residing in the root folder (see screenshot below).

Enough talking. Connect your phone as a disk drive and launch MediaMonkey. It will automatically detect the device and display it on the left sidebar.

Androidphone Sync Music Playlist To HTC Droid, Incredible, Desire, EVO 4G & More Android Phones

If it fails to detect your phone, you can manually add it. Watch the video below to learn more.

Once your device is added, it is time to create a new Playlist (which I am sure most people know how to do it). For those who are new to the whole syncing stuff, right-click Playlist from the left sidebar and hit New Playlist. Give it a name and that’s it.

music playlist android[5]

Now add music to the library, select the best ones, right-click (to display the context menu), select Send To, choose Playlist, and click the playlist name. See screenshot below.

Nakodari playlist

Once the music have been added to the playlist, from the left sidebar select the playlist to view all music. Once you have verified the songs, right-click the Playlist, select Send To, and choose Device Synchronize option (as shown in the screenshot below).

send playlist to android phone

That’s it. Now disconnect your phone, open Music app, head over to Playlist tab, select the Playlist, and start listening to your favorite music.

android music playlist


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