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A while back, we covered Windows 8 tweaking applications including Metro Controller and Metro UI Tweaker, to bring the Windows 7-styled Start Menu and disable the Ribbon-based Windows 8 Explorer. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Windows 8 tweaking application to completely disable all Windows Metro UI elements such as Search, Settings and Share panes, revamped UAC prompts, Ribbon-based Windows Explorer, extended Task Manager, and Immersive Start Menu, Win Eight Metro UI Switcher is probably just what you need. This multilingual application lets you switch between Windows 7 and Windows 8 UI elements with one click.

Win Eight Metro UI Switcher requires administrative privileges to work. If you’re not logged in as administrator, right-click the executable file and select Run as administrator to launch the application. To bring Windows 7 like user interface back, enable Disable Metro UI option and then click Apply.

It will start replacing the Metro UI elements with Windows 7-like user interface. You may need to restart your PC for changes to take effect. After reboot, you can access the classic Windows 7 Start Menu, Task Manager, and ribbon-less Windows Explorer.

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In order to enable Windows 8 Metro UI again, launch the application, select Enable Metro UI and click Apply to revert back to Windows 8 Metro UI.  If, for some reason, it fails to disable Windows 8 Metro UI elements, try rebooting your PC again. During testing, we rebooted our PC twice to completely disable all Metro UI elements.

Download Metro Eight Metro Switcher

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