Swipe-Based Alternative To Back Button In Apps [Cydia]

There is no universal, software or hardware, back button in iOS, like the one present in Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. This lack of a dedicated button is mostly compensated by the back button developers incorporate within apps, and even stock apps have them to assist users in navigating their iPhone. SwipeBack is a Cydia tweak that brings a much cooler alternative to the back button for iOS devices, and if you have this tweak, you will be able to use a single swipe to go back one step within the app. The gesture control and visual effects in SwipeBack are pretty similar to the ones in the popular Zephyr, but while that tweak was for switching between apps, the more recent one is just about letting users navigate within apps. Head past the break to learn more.

 SwipeBack iPhone

To get SwipeBack you will have to add a new repository to the Cydia store, as it is not available in any of the default ones. To do that, go to the Manage tab in Cydia, and under Sources, add the following repo:


After you have done that, let it import all the packages listed under the repo, and then search for SwipeBack. Install the tweak, and it will take effect immediately, as it does not have any Settings menu or Springboard icon. To see SwipeBack in action, go to any app where a back button will be applicable and try a left swipe. You will be taken a step back within the app straight away. You can keep going back until you reach the first screen of the app. SwipeBack does not seem to be working with Safari, as the buttons in it are not of iOS, but rather belong to the web interface.

The biggest problem with the tweak is that people might not get used to a whole new way of navigating within apps, as most pages within the stock iOS apps (and even most third-party ones) have a button that takes users one step back. Having said that, gesture control is always popular among users, and once you get the hang of SwipeBack, it just might make your life a whole lot more efficient than before. So, in conclusion, SwipeBack might not be the most useful tweak of the week, but it still looks really awesome in action, and for that, do give it a try if you own a jailbroken iDevice.

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