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Swimming Instructor

Swift Nature Camp

Superior, WI


Swift Nature Camp is looking for a Swimming Instructor . Come join all the fun.

Job Descriptions: Swim Instructor Responsibilities

Swim Instructor – Recreation Swim Instructor

Job Description

Responsible for planning, coordinating and Teaching Swimming including learn-to-swim and water safety courses

Minimum Qualifications

(Current certification in the following is preferred)

  • American Red Cross (swimming) Water Safety Instructor
  • Other swimming Instructor certifications required by local or state laws
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and First Aid -SNC Will teach to Swim Teacher
  • American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer -SNC Will teach to Swim Teacher

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of swimming and water safety skills
  • Application of teaching swimming and water safety skills
  • An understanding of facility characteristics, rules, policies and procedures
  • Leadership to increase a child’s swimming ability
  • Communication skills to promote positive swimming experience for children


  • Be familiar with American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim levels, and other Red Cross water safety courses.
  • Adapt your Swimming teaching to the age, experience and ability of child camper, so they can meet course objectives and become successful swimmers.
  • Provide for the health and safety of swimers, including ensuring that all teaching and practice areas are free of hazards, and that materials and equipment are safe
  • Communicate regularly with swimmers and their counselors to ensure they are aware of swm progress
  • Recognize and respond effectively in emergencies in accordance with facility emergency action plans Including Life guarding skills at taught in certification.
  • Enforce all aquatic facility policies, rules and regulations
  • Complete swimming records and reports
  • Participate in regular in-service lifeguard training sessions
  • Complete additional duties as required to be a successful lifeguard and swim teacher

Experience is required in swimming, teaching swimming a plus.

Lifeguarding is required but we can give you that certification.

See our website http://swiftnaturecamp.com/camp-counselor-jobs

Fill out an application and then we will give you a call and we can talk more.




Job Type: Temporary

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Swift Nature Camp is an Overnight Children’s Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15 located in Wisconsin. Our focus is to blend…

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