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You may have never noticed, but your city might actually have plenty of joy, excitement and adventure to offer. It’s all about exploring the fun, and you’d be hard-pressed a better means that can serve said cause than the famous cross-platform Android and iOS app, Spontacts. The app’s name is a mixture of two terms, spontaneous and contacts, and its purpose is exactly the same as the name suggests. Spontacts is all about spontaneously exploring like-minded people/contacts in your vicinity, and indulging in various fun-filled activities with them. The app lets you explore public events, places and activities in a location of interest, and helps you find people whom you can share your thoughts and time with. Based on the user interests and preferences, the app also suggests various people and events that enliven your social life. Can’t find enough attractive content? May be it’s time for you to announce and share your own personal events with the nearby residents, and invite them to be a part of the fun. With Spontacts, you can make friends with new people from your vicinity, and closely follow their activities, likes, dislikes et al right from your mobile device. Initially available only to iOS users, Spontacts services are now ready to be availed by Android users, too.


Needless to say, only registered Spontacts users are authorized to access the app’s features. For this you need to log in to the app using a valid Spontacts or Facebook account. To help the app come up with better friend and event suggestions, you must first provide it with some personal details, likings and preferences at start.


Once that is done, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen that lists all the latest Spontacts Activities (if any) from around your location. To be a part of an event/activity, just tap it’s title from the list, confirm your availability, and leave a brief comment (optional). To select a different location other than your current one, tap the placemark icon at the top, and navigate to the location of interest.


All the contacts from your Spontacts address book are listed under the People tab. It is also from here that you can start inviting your phone contacts to join the fun via Spontacts.

The Offer tab is where you can find all the commercial/public events as well as places of interest. All the offers can be explored on map along with the relevant contact details and information regarding the event.


To manage your Spontacts profile in detail, modify the app’s settings (notifications etc.), and check your Spontacts inbox, hit the Me tab at the bottom of the app’s homescreen.

Tapping the large circular New button at the bottom lets you create a new activity. Each activity that you create via Spontacts needs to be supplemented with further details such as the preferred location, event category, scheduled time/date, and the required attendees. Don’t want to invite them all? The app provides you with the option to invite just your own contacts, the contacts of your contacts, or any interested user based in/around the event location.


Wow! Exploring and sharing location-based fun was never that easy! All in all, Spontacts ticks almost all the necessary boxes that an app must in order to be tried and tested. Despite currently being in beta, Spontacts has was it takes to be a crowd-favorite app courtesy of its fun-filled features.

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