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The smartphone industry is flourishing at a faster rate than anticipated, and a large contribution of this success has been made by the awesome apps that exist across app stores of various smartphone platforms. To state it more precisely, it’s been the ever-improving quality of mobile cameras and equally formidable companion apps belonging to the photography genre that have enticed many a user towards going for the smartphones instead of medium-range digital cameras. That being said, the Android Market, as well as the iTunes App Store contain plenty of photography apps, each featuring more or less the same set of goodies.  Good Android and iOS photo editing and styling apps are hard to come by, which is why the genre is ruled by a few head honchos in both the Android Market and iOS App Store. Acclaimed image hosting website Photobucket has entered the foray with Snapbucket for Android and iOS, an excellent addition to the genre that allows you to snap, style and share photos via Photobucket, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and Email.


Through an easy-on-the-eyes, fast and simple interface, the app allows you to snap photos from within the app or choose an image from the gallery, apply snazzy filters, effects, vignettes and frames or choose from the style presets that come with the app (Sets). You can even create your own presets. As evident from the above screenshot, the app’s Style segment is from where you may select from the required Sets, Filters, Effects, Vingettes and/or Frames for your photos.

And that’s not all. Uploading and sharing photos unlocks more sets, filters and effects, making it all the more fun.

Saved snaps along with their original (unstyled) copies are stored in the Pictures/Snapbucket directory on your SD card and automatically uploaded to your Photobucket account. You may change your default Photobucket album for uploads, register your Facebook and Twitter accounts and toggle geo-tagging for shared pictures from the app’s Settings menu.


Now, while the app lets you choose between three levels of image quality (Settings > Image Quality), it does not allow you to alter image resolution, probably for web optimization reasons. We found the low-res results adequately good-looking in most cases but, needless to say, the option to set an image resolution of your choice would be a welcome addition.

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market or App Store via the links provided below.

Download Snapbucket For Android

Download Snapbucket For iOS

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