Sleep Genius For iOS Manages Nap Cycles Based On Scientific Research

Science might be able to phase out sleep to some extent in the future, but for now we need to take a nap whenever reinvigoration of the body and mind is needed. If your daily sleep is cut short by even a few hours, the entire day is largely affected. There are plenty of smartphone apps that claim to help users fall asleep, but Sleep Genius appears to be taking a completely reasonable approach to the problem. It doesn’t make claims that are as lofty as the ones made by Dream:ON, but isn’t as mundane as the previously covered Bedtime Help either. With Sleep Genius running on your iPhone, you can get a good night’s sleep thanks to the sound effects and ambient music it provides. Anyone who is in the habit of taking power naps is sure to love the app, since it has a whole menu dedicated to these short sleep spells. Even when it comes to waking up, Sleep Genius is different from its competitors, as it wakes you up gradually over the course of five minutes.

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Although Sleep Genius itself is only a little over 20 MB in size, it downloads some additional sound files when you first launch it, which can lead to a considerable wait before you get to use the app. Users are also prompted to sign up for the Sleep Genius newsletter, but it is not mandatory by any means and can be skipped quite easily.

Seep Genius has three audio programs to put users to sleep. One of them, ‘Renewed Universe’, is free while the other two can be unlocked for $2.99 each. There are two ways of using Sleep Genius. You can make it play music continuously until you wake up, or set it to automatically stop after a certain amount of time. With continuous playback, you are more likely to get good results, but your device’s battery life will surely take a hit. Thankfully though, the app is capable of keeping the music playing even when your device’s screen is off.

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The ‘Alarm’ feature offered by the app is quite interesting, and might even be called the best part of Sleep Genius. Rather than rudely playing a loud sound to wake you up, Sleep Genius takes a very gradual approach. The app starts playing some very low natural sounds five minutes before the alarm is supposed to go off, and when the actual alarm time arrives, the ‘Revive Cycle’ reaches its peak and wakes you up.

The third menu in Sleep Genius belongs to ‘Power Naps’. The app claims that according to results of scientific research, a power nap of less than 30 minutes is perfect for maximum rejuvenation. In this mode, everything from the background music to alarm sounds is handled by Sleep Genius automatically, and you can go to sleep with an easy mind.

Sleep Genius has an entire section dedicated to sleep-related tips and tricks, which explain the concept and working of the app. Registered users also get new tips in their email. So, if you have trouble falling sleep, or just want to see how it works, give Sleep Genius a go. It is free and display-optimized for iPhone/iPod touch.

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