Skate Guard job – City of Lakeland, FL – City of Lakeland, FL

Skate Guard

City of Lakeland, FL

City of Lakeland, FL

$8.10 an hour
– Part-time, Temporary

This is responsible supervisory work involving scheduling employees for shifts and instructing skate guards in their assignment duties under the direction of the Public Ice Skating Supervisor. Duties include monitoring and enforcing on/off ice rules and regulations, monitoring ice and guest safety, giving directions, adhering to building policies/procedures and specific event requirements, and handling customer questions and complaints.

This is a temporary position.

Example of Duties:
Responsible for inspection of ice/surrounding area prior to and immediately after session.

Responsible for monitoring ice conditions and inspecting for unsafe conditions.

Responsible for monitoring and maintaining guest safety and station patterns.

Responsible for the supervision of skate guards and ensuring that they are following building policies/procedures and ice skating policies/procedures.

Provides special direction of information to guests in regard to procedures for load and found articles, restroom locations and specific event information as instructed in regard to assigned event.

Keeps entrances/exits free from congestion and ensures that patrons are not sitting on dashers.

Monitors facility for accidents and unsafe conditions and reports same to the appropriate personnel immediately for maximum guest enjoyment and safety.

Checks ice before, during and after events for damages and lost articles and reports same to appropriate personnel.

Expected to follow the established dress and behavior codes.

  • Monitors employees attire for adherence to uniform policies.

Expected to attend event staff meetings, supervisory meetings, pre-event meetings and training classed to keep up-to-date on building policies and procedures as required.

Required to perform other duties and job classifications for The Lakeland Center as special and emergency situations.

Ability to demonstrate above average ice skating skills.

No previous building experience required.

Supplemental Information:
Ability to read and follow verbal and written instruction.

Thorough knowledge of building policies, ice skating policies/procedures, and event requirements.

Knowledge of basic math skills.

Ability to supervise Skate guards and other staff as assigned.

Ability to skate for extended periods of time.

Ability to interact with fellow employees and the general public in a positive and professional manner.

Ability to discipline subordinate stage as required and give directions for improvement.

Ability to stand for long periods of time and climb stairs to inspect and handle problems, inspect the facility and handle emergency situations.

Ability to lift heavy objects for se-up purposes or injured guests as circumstances dictate.

Ability to say alert and observant of surroundings in order to prevent accidents and safety problems.

Ability to handle stressful or emergency situations for guest and personal safety.

Available to work irregular hours including nights, weekends, and holiday. WORKING ENVIRONMENT/CONDITIONS:

Requires work that involves walking or standing most of the time, exerting up to 10 pounds of force on a recurring basis. May be required to lift up to 50 pounds and walk or stand for long periods or distances.

The job risks exposure to no significant environmental hazards. The job risks exposure to loud music, pryo and extensive hours during peak season

The job requires normal visual acuity, and field of vision, hearing, speaking, color perception, depth perception, and texture perception. THE CITY OF LAKELAND IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/EQUAL ACCESS EMPLOYER


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