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While most companies use emails to send or receive official documents, you can still find organizations that are not willing to accept an email and require a faxed form. HelloFax hopes to remove the need for fax machines altogether. With it, you can fax any document from your Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account, as well as sign any document or request an electronic signature. The handy service eliminates the complicated process of printing a document, signing it manually and then rescanning and sending it to the recipient, letting you send or receive faxes from anywhere. After signing up for the service, you can send up to 20 pages for free. The service gives you 5 additional free fax pages every time you invite a friend.

You can either sign up for the service or simply login via your Google account. The app has a neat layout, with Getting started, Send a fax, Sign and send, Request signature and Manage your documents options.

Once done, you can import your contacts, upload documents and fax them anywhere you want. All you have to do is enter a Fax number or an email address for the recipient (in case you want to email the document through Hellofax).

send fax

Additionally, you can add a signature by uploading an image file, or simply drawing it using any input device. HelloFax allows you to sign the document using your mouse as a pen, and also type on the document. The signature can then be used on any file that you fax.

add signature

You can also request signatures for any uploaded document. The Editor allows you to add your own signature, checkmark or text. With it, you can also assign tasks to the recipient, so they know what they need to do. You may add Signature, Initials, Text, Checkmark and Date Signed fields using the drag & drop functionality.

request signature

The very last option in the menu allows you to manage and organize your documents. HelloFax groups your documents into multiple categories, such as All, Sent, Received, Drafts, Actions Required and Templates.


Overall, Hellofax is a user-friendly web application that lets you fax documents through the web without having to actually use a Fax machine. It also allows you to create an online signature and sign documents that you can send to recipients via fax or email.

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