Share Screenshots & Text From Your iPhone To Multiple Social Networks [Beta Invites]

Almost three years ago we reviewed an app called PolarFox for OS X, Windows, and Linux that allowed users to share screenshots to multiple social networks. A PolarFox app for iOS is now close to launch with the closed Beta live right now (see the end of this article to get your Beta invite). The Beta version supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Facebook Pages, Tumblr, WordPress Hosted, LinkedIn, Facebook Group,, and Webhook. You will be able to connect multiple accounts while the app is in Beta. Once the PolarFox app goes live, you will need to upgrade to connect multiple accounts. In addition to sharing screenshots, the app also lets you share any text copied to your clipboard. It also features a quick share mode that will automatically pick the most recent image you saved or screenshot you took and attach it, ready to share.

Update: PolarFox for iOS is now live on the App Store.

PolarFox has a very clean interface with four large buttons to handle the main functions. First things first though; you have to connect at least one account to use it. We tried the app out with a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Tap the cog wheel button any time to connect more accounts.


Once you’ve connected the accounts, you can pick a photo to share, take one from within the PolarFox app, or just share text copied to the clipboard. The Camera button lets you take a photo, the Import button lets you pick one photo to share from your camera roll, and the Latest button will automatically pick the most recent photo in your camera roll. Tap the Paste button if you want to share text from your clipboard.

If you’ve connected multiple accounts, you will be able to choose which of them to post the photo or text to. You can share to all accounts or you can select some of them to the exclusion of other. You can also add a title and a caption to your post. PolarFox formats it perfectly when posting to Twitter and Facebook and you can’t tell that a third-party app was used to share the image or text.

polarfox_select polarfox_compose post

For sharing text, the app lets you select text orientation (right to left or left to right). It also lets you set the resolution for the app to suit your needs.

PolarFox for the iPhone is currently in Beta. You can get an invite by signing up with the link at the end of the post. PolarFox is accepting the first fifty readers who click through from AddictiveTips. You will need TestFlight, a free app by Apple, installed on your phone to download the app while it is in beta. Once the app goes live, this post will be updated with a link to the App Store.

Download PolarFox From The App Store

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