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To celebrate a year since Read It Later was rebranded to Pocket, the service’s iOS and Android clients have just been updated with a useful new feature. Although the apps are meant to let users keep webpages bookmarked for their personal use, Pocket seems to be going a bit more social now. The newly added ‘Send To Friend’ option allows iOS and Android users to share any article with their friends pretty easily. You can even opt to have the app scan your phone’s address book to make finding contacts easier. The recipient of shared stories doesn’t even have to be a Pocket user to benefit from Send To Friend, since the app sends articles to others via email. To add to the feature’s usefulness, Pocket users get a notification whenever an item is shared with them by another user of the service.

 Pocket iOS Send To Friend Menu Pocket iOS Send To Friend mail

Using Send To Friend is quite straightforward. The option is availavble in the sharing menu of all the articles you have saved to your account. If you want to highlight a particular part of the article before sharing it, just select that snippet and leave it like that. In the app’s bottom bar, there is an arrow icon that houses the aforementioned sharing menu. The red-colored Send To Friend option is the first in the sharing list.

In case you highlighted some text, the Send To Friend screen adds a preview of that portion just below the link of the page. You can manually add a comment regarding the whole article using the text box available just above the link. When you’re done, add as many recipients as you want in the address box at the top of the screen and hit the yellow ‘Send’ button.

The recipients get the shared content in an email if they are not on Pocket, otherwise the service notifies them of the incoming item within the app or on their online account.

With the passage of time, as you keep sharing pages with more and more people, the sharing menu of articles gets populated with shortcuts to your contacts, making it faster and more convenient to share content with them.

The Pocket app for Android and iOS is available for free, and Send To Friend works on both variants. You can grab the app for your device by hitting one of the links below.

Download Pocket For iOS

Download Pocket For Android

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