Set Timer For System Restart, Hibernate, Sleep, Shutdown & Sign Out [Windows]

Some apps, those that handle long processes such as torrent downloaders, have a built-in feature that will shut down your system once a process completes. Unfortunately, where this feature is exceptionally useful, it is also rare to come by in most apps. PowerKit is a free Windows app, compatible with Windows 7 and 8/8.1, that lets you schedule system shutdown, restart, hibernate, and sign out. You can set the schedule for a specific time or after a fixed duration. The process, once initiated, can be aborted at any time.

Install PowerKit. It doesn’t try to sneak in anything extra during installation so you can breeze right through it. Once installed, launch the app and from the drop-down menu, select the power function that you want to execute. If you want to execute the power function after a fixed length of time, say ten minutes or three hours, select the ‘Set Duration’ option and then specify it in minutes.

If you want to execute a power function at a specific time, such as mid-night, or noon, select the ‘Set Time’ option and then enter the time when the function should execute.

PowerKit is a useful little utility that can be used in a myriad of scenarios. The app can be made exceptionally more useful with a feature that could schedule a shut-down when a certain process or application was quit.

Where PowerKit can schedule a system shut down and restart, it doesn’t do anything to preserve any work that might be in progress. What that means is if you have a document of any sort open, you should ensure it’s saved before PowerKit executes a shutdown or restart.

Install PowerKit For Windows

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