Set iPhone Screen Brightness Far Lower Than What Apple Allows

Have you ever picked up your phone in the middle of the night to check the time or  if see you have a new message/email, only to be blinded by the screen’s brightness? It happens to the best of us. The pain aside, the light from your display might even wake someone you’re sharing a bed with while you’re busy bringing up the control center to reduce the brightness. There’s a simple little way to reduce the screen’s brightness to one far lower than what you can set from the brightness slider in Control Center and Settings. It’s actually built right into iOS and takes a little setting. Here’s how you can enable it and activate it with a little shortcut.

Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and tap the Zoom option.

Turn this feature on from the switch at the top and then tap the Zoom region option. Set it to ‘Full Screen Zoom’. Return to the previous screen and set the Maximum Zoom Level to its lowest.


Next, use three fingers to tap on the screen three times. You will see the following menu appear. Select the ‘Choose filter’ option and from the list of options you get, select ‘Low Light’. That’s about it. Now turn Zoom off since you won’t want to use this super low brightness option all the time. It’s time to set up a shortcut to activate it quickly.


Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and scroll down all the way to bottom where you will see the Accessibility Shortcut. Tap it and set it to enable the Zoom option or if you have it configured for something else, add Zoom to it as well.

ios8_accessibility_function ios8_accessibility_zoom

You can now reduce your screen’s brightness from the Control Center to the lowest level it will allow. Then triple tap the home screen button to view the even darker display. It can go so dark that it’s barely visible. If you set the brightness to a normal level, simply enabling the Zoom option will give you a screen that’s easier on the eyes (pun intended).

via iClarified 

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