Set Alarms & View Clocks From Multiple Time Zones [Mac]

You may have heard the phrase, “all the time in word,” but have you ever really needed all the time in the world? More specifically, the time for several cities in different time zones on your Mac desktop? Meridian is an app for Mac that lets you add as many clocks to your desktop as there are time zones. It lets you add multiple alarms, and gives you the option to view them as either floating clocks (analog or digital) on your desktop, or to view them in the system menu bar. Admittedly, you already have a clock on the dashboard, but alarms and clocks might be needed on all desktops.

Once installed, the default clock will show your current time in the system menu bar. You can choose to show the clock in the menu bar, or as a window on your desktop from the General tab in the app’s preferences. If you often get caught up with work and overlook how much time has passed, you can use this app to set up periodic sound alerts, and allow the Meridian to raise the system or iTunes’ volume when sounding an alarm. Additionally, the app can be allowed to bring the system out of sleep mode when an alarms rings.

To customize how the the clock appears in the system menu bar, you can choose to remove it from the menu bar altogether, set the format for displaying date and time, the display font, color, and whether or not you want to show the date and day in the clock as well. Meridian menu bar

A new clock can be added from both the system menu bar and the app’s preferences. The options remain the same, they are just accessed differently. From the preferences window, click the Clocks tab, and click the small plus sign at the bottom left corner. The left panel shows all clocks that you’ve added, and the right panel is divided in to two tabs; appearance and time zone. From the appearance tab, add a name for the clock, and select if you want to view a digital or analog clock from the View As drop down. The options available for customization differ depending on which type of clock view you’ve chosen, where the digital clock lets you choose the background and the time display color. To associate a time zone with the newly added time, click the Time Zone tab, and select which time zone you would like to associate with it.

Meridian clocks

To set an alarm(s), select the Alarms tab in preferences, and click the plus sign in the bottom left corner. Enter a name for the alarm, select how often it should alert you, i.e., once only, daily or for specific days. You may add multiple alarms using this app.

Meridian alarms

The app also has a stopwatch and timer that is displayed by default on your desktop when you first install the app. You can remove them or add more from the app’s preferences.

Meridian add clocks

Meridian lets you display as many clocks, timers and stopwatch instances as you want. You can quickly switch from viewing one clock or timer to another from the system menu bar.

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