Separately Manage Volume For Any Media Channel [Jailbreak]

Your iDevice has several different sound output channels; one for notifications, one for media, one for the in-call sound, and more. To adjust the volume for any one of these channels, they must be active. If you want to change the volume of a call, you must be in a call to do so. Volume Mixer is a Cydia tweak available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99 that lets you change the volume of each channel without it being active. The tweak puts the volume controls in the Notification Centre (leaving Control Centre untouched). The tweak lets you customize which sound channels appear in the Notification Centre and also lets you change the theme of the controls with rich customization options available for the default iOS theme.

Install Volume Mixer and go to the Settings app. You need to allow it to appear in the Notification Centre so go to Settings>Notification Centre and scroll all the way down. Tap Volume Mixer and enable it.

volume Mixer  notification centre

Once enabled, head back to the Settings app, scroll down and tap Volume Mixer. Tap Choose Audio Categories and select which channel controls you would like to see in the Notification Centre. All channels/categories with the check mark next to them are enabled. This screen doesn’t just allow you to enable or disable a channel, it also lets you change what order they appear in. Tap edit and then drag one channel over the other to change the order.

volume mixer settings  volume mixer channels

Volume Mixer comes with four different themes or skins for you to choose from. If you select the Default iOS skin, you get more options for customizing its appearance. The skin settings allow you to select a color for the left and right slider controls, the text, and the slider knob.  To view and manage volume, open Notification Centre. You’ll see volume percentage if you’ve enabled it from Volume Mixer’s settings.

skins volume mixer NC

The tweak works great. If you’re indoors and decide to go out, you can manage the in-call volume as well as the media volume without needing to play a song or video, or making a call. The added advantage of this tweak is that you can  use it to check the current volume level set for each channel. The color customization options available with the default iOS theme mean you can easily get the controls to look nice over the Notification Centre background. Not to stir the pot or anything, but independent volume controls for each channel are there by default in Android.

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