Send Large Files Without Worrying About Hosting And Broken Downloads

Here’s a nice tool that you’ll find useful if file transfers over the internet are something you have to go through often. We all have at some point experienced how painfully slow file transfers can become even on good connections if an intermediary service (like an instant messaging client) is used. Uploading files to a free hosting service may not be a very good option either, since it causes privacy risks. With intermediary services, there is also the issue of failed transfers, and they are really a pain in the neck when dealing with large files.

For all such scenarios, Orzeszek Transfer is a simple and easy solution. This utility works by creating an HTTP server on your machine only for the files that you have specified to transfer. Next time you want to send a file to someone, load it in Orzeszek Transfer and the program will generate a URL for that can be sent to anyone over the internet, and they can download the file directly from you.

Orzeszek Transfer supports multi-part downloads and resuming broken downloads, hence the receiving party can easily use it with download managers. Please note that in order for the software to work, you need to forward a port in your router and firewall (30000 by default). IP detection can be chosen between automatic to manual entry, although I found that it my case it did not read my external IP correctly. Orzeszek Transfer does not support UPnP.

This utility was tested by us on Windows 7 x86 system, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later to be installed. It is a portable application.

Download Orzeszek Transfer

For more, you can also have a look at iSendr.

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