Select, Duplicate, Close & Freeze Multiple Tabs At Once In Firefox

A few days ago, Chrome – my preferred browser – started reloading the home page over and over in a continuous loop. While I tried to sort the problem out, I needed a browser to work with and I turned to Firefox, which I believe is just as good. Using it regularly really makes you appreciate it, but one little feature that I found missing was that I couldn’t select multiple tabs and drag them out as a separate window. Not being able to randomly select multiple tabs also meant I couldn’t pin them all at once or close them. Fortunately, I came across a solution to some of these shortcomings in the form of MultiplaceHolder, a Firefox add-on that allows you to select multiple tabs by clicking each while holding down the Ctrl key. The tabs can then be closed, duplicated, or frozen.

Once MultiplaceHolder is installed, hold down the Ctrl key and start selecting tabs. Tabs can be selected at random and need not necessarily be adjacent. Right-click one of the selected tabs and you will see additional options added by the add-on, all of them accompanied by a keyboard shortcut. Note that only the options that the add-on has added will effect the selected tabs. Default options like reload and pin will not work.

In addition to the duplicate, freeze, and close options, you will find two additional options titled Placehold and UnzipPlacehold. Placehold allows you to pack multiple tabs into a single placeholder tab. It is basically a group of unmounted tabs that can be reloaded using the UnzipPlacehold option. It’s handy and a reasonable way to hide a group of tabs. The duplicate, close and placeholder functions of the add-on work perfectly, but the Freeze function seems to be a little slow to respond.

What’s still missing is the feature to pin multiple tabs or drag them out into a separate window. There are add-ons out there that can perform one or the other of these functions, but an all-in-one solution works best. It would be useful for users like me who like to open a large number of tabs in the same window and then organize them into separate ones.

The good thing about MultiplaceHolder is that tabs, once selected, must be deselected by clicking them again. This means if you accidentally click a tab without holding down the Ctrl key, your previous selection will not be lost – a feature that Chrome does not have. Overall, MultiplaceHolder is a keeper.

Install MultiplaceHolder For Firefox

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