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Smarter Search, a Chrome extension, adds extra functionality to the Chrome omnibar and lets you search multiple search engines right through the omnibar. It works for a lot of popular websites, such as Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDB, YouTube and StackOverflow. Instead of opening new tabs, entering a website URL and then a search term, simply type s in the URL bar, hit the space bar and enter your search query. Smarter Search comes with an autocomplete feature that displays a list of websites in a drop-down menu. Select an option from the list and hit Enter to instantly open results for your query in a new tab. In addition to the auto-complete choices, there are a few other domains that can be searched, such as Amazon, Flickr, eBay and Delicious, using special key combinations along with the default s key.

After installing the extension, type s, press the space bar or the Tab button and enter your search term. You will notice that a drop-down menu appears, each entered with the same search term but for different websites i.e. the five that it supports. Select the website you want to search on using the up/down arrow keys or your mouse and hit enter. The results open in a new tab.

The shortcut that triggers the service, i.e., the ‘s’ key can be used in combination with other letters to invoke search on other services i.e. the letter ‘a’ searches Amazon, ‘f’ is for Flickr, ‘e’ for eBay and ‘d’ for Delicious. Compared to a previously reviewed extension for Chrome called Search Assistant, this one seems somewhat lackluster. The difference between the two is in the execution. Search Assistant lets you switch to another search engine once you’ve made one search query whereas Smarter Search lets you narrow down the search engine and then send the query through it.

Smarter Search is a neat extension that can be quite useful for people who regularly search websites like Wikipedia, IMDB, YouTube and others for various reasons. During our testing, the search feature for extra domains was not functional. The extension provides faster access to the web and can be installed from the link below.

Install Smart Search For Google Chrome

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