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For some, Spotlight search, is one of the most useful and frequently used features in iOS. It lets you search almost every facet of your iPhone, providing real-time results; almost every facet. There are many tweaks in the Cydia store that focus on making additions to Spotlight search or changing its functionality altogether. While SpotDict does not do something as drastic as the latter, it does make an extremely hand addition to the things you can search from the Spotlight area. It allows you to search the iOS native dictionary from within the Spotlight area. It adds a button beside the search field that, when tapped, looks through the native dictionary for whatever text has been entered in the field. What makes this tweak handy is the fact that Spotlight is among the most easily accessible areas of iOS, and the native dictionary can only be accessed by selecting text from within apps.

 Dictionary SpotDict

SpotDict is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once downloaded, it will add a new button to the Spotlight search, next to the text bar on top. The tweak adds no new Springboard icon or menu in the Settings app, as no configuration is required in order to use SpotDict. To see the tweak fully in action, just type any word in the Spotlight search area, and hit the button to the right of the text box. You will be taken straight to the page of iOS’s stock Dictionary that corresponds with the entered word. When you want to move away from the page, just hit the Done button in the top right corner.

SpotDict is a minor, but useful, tweak, and you can get it for free. There are alternatives to this functionality available for all iOS devices. For example, you can write the word in the Notes app and select it to hit the Define option in the action menu. Apart from this, there are many good dictionary apps available for iOS devices. However, what can be better than having quick access to Apple’s own dictionary? So, if you are a fan of iOS’s native dictionary, or want to make the Spotlight search area a bit more useful, do give SpotDict a try, as it adds a new functionality to Spotlight without taking away any of the existing features of that area. We really hope that the icon added to the Spotlight search improves with future updates, as it is almost invisible for now.

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