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Many of us now find it more convenient to browse the internet on our smartphones or tablets than on PC. And that’s not only because mobile devices are easier to carry around, but also because you can use them with one hand. The smartphone experience of website navigation comprises of scrolling up and down the webpage via swipe gestures. Sometimes, when you’re scrolling through a huge web page or list and you constantly find the need to scroll straight to the top or bottom, the process can become pretty cumbersome. Enter OneClick Scroll, a new Android app for rooted devices that takes inspiration from the jump-to-top feature in iOS. It lets you scroll through huge pages or lists in a snap by just tapping the right or left corner of the status bar for moving to the bottom or returning to the top.

Upon launch, you’re shown the welcome screen of the app to give you a brief description on how the app works, which is simple enough in the first place; you can tap or swipe the pertaining corners to move up or down the screen. During testing, I found both navigation options working absolutely like a breeze. Here’s how to get started.

First off, make sure you have a rooted Android device, and make sure to grant OneClick Scroll Superuser permission when asked upon first launch. Next, navigate to app’s Settings screen and tap ‘Enable’ to turn On OneClick Scroll. You can also toggle three additional parameters from there, which include start on reboot, persistent notification, and vibration feedback.

 OneClick Scroll

When in enabled state, OneClick Scroll begins running in the background and the two hot corners of the status bar become interactive. I’d recommend enabling the Vibration Feedback option to confirm whether the hot corners are functioning or not. Now open any website or app screen that requires scrolling, and  tap the appropriate corners to instantly move up and down the screen. Tapping the left corner immediately takes you to the top, while tapping the right one instantly takes you to the bottom.

While it may not see a huge user base, OneClick Scroll is a very handy app for quickly moving up and down in webpages and long app screens. The only downside is that the app requires a rooted Android device.

Install OneClick Scroll from Play Store

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