Save Color Codes In Groups & Search Them By Keyword [Mac]

LiquidColor is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App store and is completely different from other color picking tools available out there. It provides an easy way to catalog different color schemes you have created for multiple projects. Instead of opening your mock-ups and templates each time (in heavy-to-load apps like Photoshop) to look up a color, this light weight utility lets you record them, organize them into profiles and associate keywords with them. The tool saves RGB values and Hex codes for each color code. You can add as many profiles as you like and add as many colors to a single profile.

Launch the app; the left panel is for color profiles. Click the little cross-imaged button at the bottom of this panel to add a profile. Double click the default profile name and change it to something that will help you remember which project it is for. On the right, there is a another panel for adding the colors, and below that are RGB color sliders and a color code input box.

To add a color, click the add button at the bottom of the panel on the right hand side. Give the color a name, you can simply name it after the color family it belongs to or enter the name of the element where the color is used, for example; Header, logo, or sidebar. Enter a keyword that will further help you search for this particular color. To record the color itself, you can either move the color sliders or, simply copy and paste the color’s HEX code and hit Enter. If you don’t have the HEX code, I would suggest using Sip (read full review here), an excellent free color picker for Mac that can convert color codes to many different formats including HEX codes. The application may prove to be useful in situations where you’re dealing with multiple color schemes for a single project, or when you have multiple projects in the pipeline and are having difficulty trying to multi-task, if you’re working with cross-functional teams and you often need to reference colors or entire schemes as part of routine work.

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