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a Salad Bar Attendant your first responsibility is to greet guests as they

arrive. It is likely you will be the

first team member a guest will see, so the warm and friendly welcome you give

them will set the tone for the rest of their visit. Be sure to notice if this is their first time

visiting us and be able to provide direction along with a First Time Guest



guests also enjoy the ability to choose their selections from our wide variety

of offerings. It is your duty to make

sure that they can do so without having to wait by having all our products

available in attractively full containers.

Your bar holds two of our Signature Recipes: the Caesar Asiago and

Wonton Chicken salads. Signature Recipes

are a collection of guest favorites that have become legendary. They are served every day and must be perfect

at all times.


it is very important in a self-selection restaurant that the guests have the

fullest confidence that the food products and surroundings are wholesome and

healthful. Therefore, it is absolutely

necessary that you keep everything “ESPECIALLY CLEAN”.


you are part of the team. You are a

person who wants to contribute to the entire effort of making it great for the

guest. You should always feel free to do

whatever is needed, anywhere in the restaurant, to help fellow team members

ensure a wonderful experience for the guest.




Provides Salad Bar presentation

with the Guest as the #1 priority.

Achieves guest satisfaction

through friendly, smiling interactions.

Support all fellow crew member’s

efforts and treats each other with the mutual respect necessary to promote

a pleasant and efficient working environment.

Maintain a clean and professional

appearance that reflects the brand and culture.

Comply with all quality, service,

operational, safety and sanitation standards.

Has thorough knowledge of the

Salad Bar area, allowing for precise replacement and restocking of product

on the bar at the appropriate times.

Provides each guest with a

sincere greeting and exceeds guest expectations when at the Salad Bar


Pays special attention to safety

and sanitation guidelines to ensure that all guests are receiving fresh

products of the highest quality.

Is always aware of the state of

the Salad Bar items and quickly and efficiently refills items which are

running low.

Is able to assist guests with

their needs in order to provide the ultimate guest experience and exceed

guest expectations.

Stocking, filling, and rotating

food products on the Salad Bar

Cleaning, sweeping floors, and

wiping Salad Bar and surrounding areas.

Keeps counters organized.

Maintaining proper sanitation


Assist in any area as needed.

Complying with safety standards

at all times.

Complying with dress code at all times.

Performing other duties as

assigned or directed.

In order to perform the essential functions of the positions at Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants, employees must be able to walk & stand consistently for up to 8 hours, and lift & carry items weighing up to 30lbs for a minimum of 3 hours each day. Reach, bend, push & pull items for up to 2 hours each day and must be able to use fingers, hands, arms and shoulders repetitively for up to 6 hours each day. For a complete list of the essential functions of each of the positions at Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Restaurants, please contact a member of the Human Resources Department.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and an EVerify Participant

Primary Location


CA-Los Angeles

Work Locations



2921 Los Feliz Blvd.

Los Angeles




Crew – Restaurant








Employee Status


Entry Level

Job Type






Job Posting


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