Route Planning Based On Public Transport Timings [WP7]

Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices come equipped with an assortment of apps which are exclusive to the Lumia series, and the best part is that the list of such Mango apps is always increasing. After Creative Studio, Nokia Transport has become the latest app to be released by the Finnish manufacturers. The app is named Nokia Transit in the US, and Transport in other places, but the functionality remains the same. If you have your own car, then Lumia has Nokia Drive on offer, but if you prefer public transport, there is Nokia Transit. Nokia Transport is all about route planning while keeping the departure and arrival timings of public transport in view. The app is pretty thorough in its route planning, and you can learn more by reading on.

 Nokia Transit Directions Nokia Transport Map

First of all, keep in mind that the app is fully functional for just 80 cities for now, but the developers have promised to add support for more areas in future updates. For a list of currently supported locations, you can go to the menu in the about section of the app. Another thing which somewhat limits the usefulness of Nokia Transport is its complexity, as the app is anything but easy to use. You are sure to take some time to get familiar to the working of Nokia Transit, but once you have done that, it has the potential of becoming a valuable addition to the app list of your Lumia. To start using Nokia Transit, you have to tell the app your destination and starting point. Once you have done that, you will be informed whether the areas are supported by the app or not.

The app’s main page features a timeline based on the available modes of transportation, and the time it should get you to reach from one stop to another. The number of transits are also taken into account to provide users with a more accurate chart. Nokia Transport also keeps track of your past journeys, so that comparisons can be made at a later time. If you want detailed and descriptive directions, go to the maps section of the app, and you can learn all about the stops and places which will fall in your way.

Like most Nokia WP7 apps, Nokia Transport is a free app and compatible only with Lumia devices. You can grab the app by clicking the link provided below from your Nokia phone.

Download Nokia Transit

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