Rockify.TV Is Like Pandora For Music Videos

Rockify.TV is a web application that allows you to stream the best videos based on your likes and social trends. The app learns what you enjoy and gives you a personalized video watching experience, so you can sit back, and enjoy an endless stream of high definition music videos of your liking without having to browse much. Once signed in, Rockify will let you set Channels and Artists of your choice as the sorting criteria. You may create custom playlists and channels for all your favorite tracks, save them for later and share with friends. More after the jump.

To start off, simply sign in via your Facebook or Twitter account. Once done, videos will be played automatically in a neat interface, with Playlist, Channels and Artists displayed in a collapsible panel to the right. At the bottom of each video, you will find music controls, sharing, like/dislike controls, and other useful options. The track title, album, channel and number of likes are all displayed to the bottom left of the video. You may purchase songs through Amazon and watch videos in full screen. Rockify lets you replay, skip and play/pause as many videos as you want.

From the right panel, you will be able to browse an extensive list of predefined channels comprising multiple genres, such as Alternative, Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and more. In addition to that, you can also create a custom channel based on your likes.


Rockify.TV is a slick web application that changes the way we watch videos, and lets us discover new ones. If you love the way Pandora works and want something similar for watching music videos, then Rockify.TV is the perfect place for you.

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