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Robotics Engineering Project Manager

Bastian Solutions

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St. Louis, MO

This position will be managing complex projects in all facets of Robotics including palletizing, vision guided manipulation, assembly, as well as other leading edge technologies. Our goal is to help companies compete in their markets by providing the best material handling system solutions and technology. This leader is required to mentor, train, schedule, and lead the team through a multitude of challenging projects, ultimately driving success for the business and the team.

The Bastian Robotics Project Manager’s (PM’s) normal involvement in the sales cycle generally begins prior to hand-off, as part of the Sales pursuit team. This may involve estimating, solicitation of subcontractor proposals, assistance in presentations, review of proposed contracts, and systems design. As the sales process continues, the PM takes on increasing responsibility for understanding and controlling Bastian’s risk from technical, contractual, and cash flow, and organizational standpoint. Once the order becomes a contract, the PM has sole responsibility for budget, schedule and design. The PM translates the Sales estimate into a budget, scope of work and project plan suitable for entering into Great Plains for booking. For larger projects, and increasingly so as the group grows, the PM’s success will depend increasingly on his or her leadership, communications ability and performance, and ability to manage the details of multiple projects; although technical and problem-solving skills will continue to be important.

Superior Performance Objectives:

  • Manage all projects on time and on budget while exceeding our customer’s expectations.
  • Attend and/or lead all Bastian and customer meetings on time and prepared.
  • Master product information through training and personal efforts. Take charge of your training requirements and request the training you need.
  • Repeat Business from projects managed is an expectation


  • Bachelors of Engineering required. Masters Degree in Business or Engineering or P.E. preferred. Experience and/or education in basic financials, conversant with concepts of project ROI, discounted cash flows, simple and compound interest and depreciation.
  • Must be extremely literate with MS Office software suite (particularly MS Excel).
  • AutoCad, Solidworks and MS Project experience preferred.
  • Material Handling, Engineering, Manufacturing or Packaging background required.
  • Previous conveying experience preferred.
  • Must have a solid understanding of application of contemporary industrial control systems.
  • PMP certification or desire to attain certification is a plus
  • This position will require approximately 25% travel


  • Energetic ambitious and hard working.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and sales or management experience required.
  • Strong demonstrated sense of customer service.
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)

General Duties:

  • Maintain a consistently positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • Communicate with Bastian management regarding personal expectations and goals so that the company and individual can better work together to maintain, tweak, or overhaul the job description to everyone’s benefit.
  • Review proposals, contracts and new orders for accuracy and commercial and technical issues. For your proposals or key documents have another team member review.
  • Recommend the best internal Bastian team for the project. Coordinate assignment of resources with other PM’s. Primary responsibility for subcontractor selection with input from Sales and Systems Manager. Ensure that contracts with subs are structured correctly and leverage off of existing Bastian templates.
  • Get the customer to commit to the design parameters and givens in writing! Fall back position is to document our assumptions as part of our proposal (ensure that they are included in the contract)
  • Estimate and direct internal Bastian resources necessary to successfully complete the project. Communicate with other Systems Team members current and anticipated needs.
  • Take ownership of Bastian’s project team and our suppliers! It’s “our” system, not “the vendor’s system”. Take ownership of the controls. The PM should explain the project status to the customer, not the subcontractor.
  • Maintain positive cash flow on all projects. Work with Coordinator to follow-up on past due invoices.
  • Publish weekly Project Logs for projects larger than $100,000. (Smaller projects should have published minutes of key meetings and/or decisions). (Frequency of logs may be reduced where appropriate, with Systems Manager’s approval)
  • Maintain organized file throughout project and work with Coordinator to archive paper files at completion. Responsible for clean-up of electronic file library
  • Interested in Pursuing MHMS Certification/GA Tech Logistics Certification
  • Anticipate problems take action rather than reacting.
  • Be aware of budget margin and current forecast margin +/- 1% of all major projects at all times (Typically 2-3 projects at a time)! Advise Sales and Systems Manager of any significant expected deviations. Update forecast in Great Plains.
  • Responsible for content, format and timeliness of all project correspondence and submittals including drawings, letters, equipment and controls documentation, spare parts lists, purchase orders.
  • Manage the project schedule. Use electronic Gantt chart for installed projects. Communicate when other project parties (e.g. customer) delay Bastian. Maintain the baseline schedule for comparison.
  • Approve all supplier invoices related to the project. Immediately return “held” supplier invoices to coordinator and communicate the reason for holding.
  • Support the Site Supervisors when they need help in the field.
  • Lead quick resolutions to customer back-charges (always a challenge). Use the Golden Rule with back charge issues, treat suppliers how we would want to be treated, not necessarily how the customer is treating Bastian.
  • Assist Sales in managing escrow amounts of post-completion costs, if applicable. Coordinate resolutions to post-project warranty and customer service issues.
  • Document, publish and present project “lessons learned”…ensure that current project “close-out” checklists are complete
  • Organize and participate in post project “victory” engagements.

4 reviews

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