Retail Inventory Counter job – Par Mar Oil Company – Beverly, WV

Purpose of Position: Ensure the company objectives are met in the areas of inventory so the company achieves cost-effective operations, security of company assets and complete customer satisfaction.

1. Focus on the task of counting inventory, concentrating on counting/scanning, avoiding distractions, paying attention to detail, able to work independently and complete the inventory count process in a timely manner as required by company procedures.

2. Be knowledgeable in the use of the inventory systems and be prepared to report to management on the status of the system.

3. In a timely and accurate manner, communicate to Auditing Team Supervisor any issues observed that effect inventory loss.

4. Display a consistent team oriented demeanor at all times by maintaining a clear channel of communication with the Auditing Team Supervisor, fellow co-workers and Store Managers in compliance with Company policies for the purpose of obtaining inventory information and resolving auditing issues.

5. Prepare in an accurate and timely manner reports concerning inventory and accounting as required by the Auditing Team Supervisor.

6. Review and analyze inventory activities, costs, and results to determine progress toward stated goals and objectives and recommend changes necessary to grow and improve.

7. Ensure all company information is held in confidence and used to support the company position.

8. Direct and conduct mini-cash audits and scheduled and unscheduled store inspections as directed by the Auditing Team Supervisor.

9. Maintain a professional and neat appearance daily according to company policy.

10. Follow, promote and enforce the Company Policies and Procedures in a manner which supports the Company Mission Statement and Image Standards.

11. Develop and maintain a professional image as a member of the company Retail Inventory Audit Team, supporting the Company Image, in actions and words at all times. 1. Must be able to stand up to an eight (8) to ten (10) hour shift on a hard surface floor in order to perform all types of job duties and responsibilities including on weekends and various shifts as needed.

2. Must be able to lift, push and/or pull up to 50 pounds up to 3 feet high without the aid of another person, in counting the store merchandise.

3. Environmental conditions: must be able to work around various odors, dust and fumes in a mostly moderate temperature, except for extreme cold below 40 degrees in refrigerator/coolers or the drive in winter conditions.

4. Must be able to bend, twist and reach in order to perform various job functions such as counting, scanning and arranging merchandise.

5. Must be able to physically maneuver throughout the store to perform the tasks and duties of the position.

6. Must be able to concentrate for long periods of time, avoiding distractions and paying attention to details and completing the inventory count process in a timely manner.

7. Must be able to use fingers bilaterally and unilaterally:
A. The fingers are used bilaterally to operate machines/equipment/scanners and to perform various other job functions.

B. The fingers are used unilaterally to enter information into computer.

8. Must be able to have corrected hearing to listen to:
A. The needs and direction from management;

B. The needs of employees; and

C. The environment to be aware of surroundings.

9. Must not be short-tempered and must be slow to anger and able to respond in a calm demeanor in stressful situations such as dealing with co-workers and customers who may be dissatisfied or in case of emergencies.

10. Must not be impaired in anyway due to:
A. the use of drugs (legal or illegal),

B. alcohol use, or

C. in any other way,

which may affect the employee’s ability to act and/or react in a manner that will ensure their safety, the safety of other employees and the assets of the company.

11. Driving on Company Business: Consistently maintain and provide a current valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

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