Replace Windows Explorer With More Powerful Feature Packed Ultra Explorer

Are you tired of working with standard Windows Explorer and thinking about using a more powerful solution? If yes, then you might want to know about Ultra Explorer that has the power to replace your existing Windows Explorer for all the tasks at hand with its faster file management and convenience of file browsing. Using it might be difficult at first but you’ll get used to it in just a period of short time, by then you wouldn’t even want to think about going back to the default standard Windows Explorer.

Some of the great features of this software are enlisted below.

Folder Windows Option

It provides you an option of viewing folders in a  treeview mode, which helps dragging and dropping files more easier than the standard Explorer.

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Favorites Windows Option

Favorite Window lets you enable favorite treeview with any object placed just about anywhere in Windows.

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Filter Window For Faster Searching

Ultra Explorer also has a Filter Window Option that filter arguments which helps narrow down the search results.

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Command Line Window

This option is for those who work on DOS commands too often so that they can easily execute commands by launching a small command line window.

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Tabbed Based Interface

The greatest feature of this application is that it has tabbed based interface that lets you view different folders at the same time without opening too many windows at once.

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There is also an option for Viewer tab that allows one to see the preview of video clips running in small window. In this way it helps in looking for the right video files without launching any media player. It takes about 3.1MB of your hard disk space and doesn’t consume much memory.

Do let us know how much you find this application useful, if you know some better alternative do keep us updated.

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