Remove Real-Time News Ticker From Right Sidebar In Facebook [Chrome]

Facebook has just rolled out some major design changes and all of Facebook’s population will be split in to three groups; the ones who are complaining about how God awful the new look is and threatening to stop using the site, the ones who have just joined the social networking site and really don’t know why everyone is complaining about this awesome design and those select few who know from experience that complaining isn’t the way to get rid of a Facebook feature you hate, a browser extension is. Unannoying Facebook is a Chrome extension that removes two of the new features that some might find annoying; the news ticker and the top bar that now sticks to the top when you scroll down.

The reasons for disliking the news ticker are immaterial, it might distract you, you don’t like having several scroll areas in one page or the constant movement might make you go cross-eyed occasionally. For whatever reasons, install the extension, refresh your Facebook tab and kiss the news ticker good-bye.

Facebook News Ticker Remover

The extension will also stop the Facebook navigation bar from sticking to the top and being omnipresent when you scroll down and you can’t opt out of it. The thing is, with the old design, the top bar didn’t stick to the top and those who wanted it to, had to use a browser extension. The new feature might be great for some and not so great for everyone else so if you find you’d rather just remove the news ticker and keep the navigation bar the way it is, use Facebook News Ticker Remover. It removes the news ticker but leaves the the top bar as it is.

Facebook top barunannoying faecbook top bar removed

The new Facebook design takes away your choice and slaps you with an all sticking, sticky top bar. For those who hate it, Unannoying Facebook is the way to go. For those who just want to banish the news ticker, try Facebook News Ticker Remover.

Install Facebook News Ticker Remover Extension For Facebook

Install Unannoying Facebook Extension For Facebook

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