Remove 50 Known Fake Antivirus Software From Windows

As computer systems have evolved, so has malware. What used to be just viruses are now trojans, worms, rootkits etc, each bringing some different harm to the system. With increasing security from Antivirus software, malware took a new guise, and started turning up in the clothing of an antivirus software itself.

These new programs infected a computer system easily while the user remained satisfied that their ‘antivirus’ was working perfectly, because most of the times these malicious software would generate false positives to make them believable. They may also prompt a user to purchase an ‘advanced’ version in order to get rid of a rather ‘persistent’ (read:the program itself) infection.

Remove Fake Antivirus was created to combat this particular genre of malware. This program will scan your system for over 50 known fake malware protection tools and remove them. Simply download the file and run it. The software is portable so no installation is required. It will perform its scan, remove the malware (if present) and prompt you to scan your system with an updated antivirus as well. It will also fix invalid registry entries, folders and files left behind by the malware software.

RFV2 Remove 50 Known Fake Antivirus Software From Windows

Some of the popular fake antivirus software that it can remove include:

  • Security Tool
  • Antivirus 7
  • CleanUp Antivirus
  • Security Toolbar
  • Digital Protection
  • XP Smart Security 2010
  • Antivirus Suite
  • Vista Security Tool 2010
  • Total XP Security
  • Security Central
  • Security Antivirus
  • Total PC Defender 2010
  • and many more…
  • The program works with Windows 7 x86 OS build, on which we tested it. It should also work with Windows XP, Vista and 2003.

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