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With services like Dropbox, you rarely have to worry about not being able to access an important file because of problems in your USB drive, forgetting to bring the drive along, or forgetting to copy files to it. The problem you might have now is forgetting to move an important file to your Dropbox folder in the first place. After all, if the file never synced to your Dropbox account, you most certainly will not be able to access it from elsewhere. For Mac users, there’s a simple solution: Spotdox. It’s a Mac App available for free to the first 10,000 users (no indication of what it will cost after the limit has expired) that allows you to access files on your Mac from any device that has a browser and active internet connection. You can then move any of those files to your Dropbox folder and access them from Dropbox’s web interface or application.

To use Spotdox and have it move files to your Dropbox folder, you need to have both the Spotdox and Dropbox apps running. Your Mac should, of course, be powered on and connected to the internet as well. Spotdox connects with your Dropbox account and whenever you need to remotely access files on your Mac, you will have to sign in using your Spotdox account.

To remotely access your files, just visit the Spotdox website from any desktop or mobile web browser, sign in with your Spotdox account, and allow it to connect with your Dropbox account. Once connected, wait for it to establish a connection with all systems that you’re running Spotdox on.

Spotdox dropbox Spotdox connect

The Macs that you’ve connected are all listed here, and you can select any one of them to view their files. Audio and video files cannot not be played, as Spotdox is a file browsing service, and not a file opening utility. You will see a thumbnail preview of all files though, which is useful for identifying a file or viewing images. Tap a file and click the ‘Copy to Dropbox’ button to move it to your Dropbox folder.

spotdox files spotdox move

Files can only be opened if they’ve been copied to Dropbox, and that too if you have an app installed that supports the format. In many cases, you will have to download the file to your device since Dropbox’s interface doesn’t support a lot of formats on its web interface. While you cannot open files on SpotDox, you can view a summary of a file or folder’s properties by tapping the ‘Info’ button that appears in a file’s expanded view. Do note that Spotdox will not let you move or delete files from your Mac.

Download Spotdox For Mac

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